Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 Jesse Tree: Nehemiah

Scripture: Nehemiah 4:9-21
Event/Theme: Nehemiah
Symbol we use: Watchtower or lighthouse
Meditation: Nehemiah knew the enemy was coming. His response was to stand tall, on guard, but with his trust firmly in the Lord as their Savior. He was watching for the enemy's attack and he was prepared with weapons at hand to meet the attack. Yet he knew that victory was guaranteed because he was doing the Lord's work and so had the protection of the Almighty One.
We also need to be ready for the enemy's attack. It is guaranteed to come, but if we are living according to God's instructions then we are guaranteed to win. He has provided us with the armor we need (Eph 6:10-17). He stands with us (Rom 8:31), so how can we possibly lose when we stand with Him?
Jesse Tree Week 1: The Patriarchs
Sunday: Root of Jesse
Monday: Creation
Tuesday: Fall of Mankind
Wednesday: Noah
Thursday: Abraham
Friday: Isaac
Saturday: Jacob
Jesse Tree Week 2: The Formation of a People Set Apart
Sunday: Joseph
Monday: Moses
Tuesday: Israelites at Mt. Sinai
Wednesday: Joshua
Thursday: Gideon
Friday: Ruth
Saturday: Samuel
Jesse Tree Week 3: The Formation of a Nation Set Apart
Sunday: King David
Monday: Elijah
Tuesday: Isaiah
Wednesday: Jeremiah
Thursday: Daniel
Friday: Nehemiah
Saturday: Jonah

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