Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Jesse Tree: Fall of Mankind

Scripture: Genesis 3:1-7
Event/Theme: Fall of Mankind
Symbol we use: A piece of dried apple or a fruit-shaped ornament
Meditation: Who do you trust to guide your life? When it comes to something life changing, such as selling your home and moving across the country, hoping for a job to appear when you arrive, whose advice will you follow? It may seem obvious that the guidance of someone who has known and loved you for years should be more important in the decision-making process than that of the pan-handler on the local street corner. Yet all too often we entrust the final decision to those who are less trustworthy than the ones we should truly rely on. Like Eve, we trust the word of a serpent over the love of our Creator. We think that a bigger town with more job opportunities is the place we should live rather than the home where our family members are and where there is an excellent, supportive church with sound teaching. We follow the advice of our peers and society at large in how we spend our free time, in prioritizing college degrees and careers over mission trips, in selecting the clothing we wear and the things we buy. Take a moment to consider whether there are any decisions you are faced with, large or small, about which you haven't yet asked the Lord for His direction. Maybe He has even given you input and you're considering ignoring it. Don't follow the advice of the serpent when the Creator has given you another path to follow.
Jesse Tree Week 1: The Patriarchs
Sunday: Root of Jesse
Monday: Creation
Tuesday: Fall of Mankind
Wednesday: Noah
Thursday: Abraham
Friday: Isaac
Saturday: Jacob

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