Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Jesse Tree: Elijah

Scripture: 1 Kings 18:18-39
Event/Theme: Elijah
Symbol we use: A small rock tied onto the tree with a string
Meditation: The one who creates has power to change the rules. God doesn't usually choose to do so--we live in a very orderly world--but not choosing to is quite different from not able to. The Israelites needed to see the vast difference between God's power and Baal's impotence. The test was purposely set up with a strong advantage for the false god Baal, with a dry altar, four hundred and fifty prophets, and the opportunity to prove himself first for hours on end. The challenge for God, already impossible for his opponent to achieve, was made even more difficult to heighten the difference between Him and the false one. The Lord God is very powerful indeed, quite capable of overcoming every obstacle.
What obstacles have you already seen the Lord overcome? What miracles do you pray for? Yes, most of our day-to-day life is filled with ordinary events following ordinary paths. Yet we should not settle for only the "miracles" of everyday events; we should also pray with faith for the impossible to become reality in our world. What do you think could never happen in your lifetime which would showcase the Lord's power and greatness over His enemy? Pray for that with the faith of Elijah, expecting Him to overwhelm the odds.
Jesse Tree Week 1: The Patriarchs
Sunday: Root of Jesse
Monday: Creation
Tuesday: Fall of Mankind
Wednesday: Noah
Thursday: Abraham
Friday: Isaac
Saturday: Jacob
Jesse Tree Week 2: The Formation of a People Set Apart
Sunday: Joseph
Monday: Moses
Tuesday: Israelites at Mt. Sinai
Wednesday: Joshua
Thursday: Gideon
Friday: Ruth
Saturday: Samuel
Jesse Tree Week 3: The Formation of a Nation Set Apart
Sunday: King David
Monday: Elijah
Tuesday: Isaiah
Wednesday: Jeremiah
Thursday: Daniel
Friday: Nehemiah
Saturday: Jonah

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