Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Jesse Tree: Samuel

Scripture: 1 Samuel 3:1-21
Event/Theme: Samuel
Symbol we use: Candle-shaped or oil lamp-shaped ornament
Meditation: Samuel had never heard the Lord speaking before and didn't recognize His voice. Eli had but hadn't obeyed (1 Sam 3:13). Eli gave to Samuel an enormously valuable gift he hadn't taken advantage of himself nor given to his own sons. He helped Samuel recognize the Lord's voice, listen to Him, and obey His word. Because Samuel responded to the Lord that first time, there was a second time, and a third, and many many more throughout his life.
Who do you know who has experience listening to the Lord, who you can learn from as you grow in hearing Him yourself? It is extremely valuable to have a mentor helping you distinguish the voice of the Lord from your own. Having determined that it is His voice you have heard, don't make the mistake of Eli and ignore what He tells you. Always obey, so you will be able to continue hearing Him more clearly and follow the path of Samuel, who served the Lord all the way until the day of his death.
Jesse Tree Week 1: The Patriarchs
Sunday: Root of Jesse
Monday: Creation
Tuesday: Fall of Mankind
Wednesday: Noah
Thursday: Abraham
Friday: Isaac
Saturday: Jacob
Jesse Tree Week 2: The Formation of a People Set Apart
Sunday: Joseph
Monday: Moses
Tuesday: Israelites at Mt. Sinai
Wednesday: Joshua
Thursday: Gideon
Friday: Ruth
Saturday: Samuel

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