Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter faith

John 20:1-10
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Do we have to suspend our God-given human reason to believe in the Resurrection? John and Peter were confronted by an impossibility. How can a tomb be empty?? Where did the body go when the wrappings are still there? There is no logical explanation for this yet the crucified Jesus is not in His tomb. For the disciples who had seen the Lord perform the impossible by feeding over 5000 with only 5 loaves and 2 fish, by healing the eyesight of a man born blind, by raising a dead person back to life, only the Lord could have made this impossibility happen. They didn't understand yet what had happened, but they began to realize that whatever the explanation, God must be behind it.
Just a little further along in the Gospel, God does provide the explanation and the disciples believe in the Resurrection itself. We have the advantage of reading the whole story and believing in Christ Jesus from the first miracle at Cana through His own resurrection. Yet the distance from the actual events challenges our faith for without seeing the impossible accomplished in front of us we too often choose not to believe. For someone who can heal with just a word, is it really too difficult to provide for our daily needs? Why do we hold back from the only One who can truly help us? We forget all His wonders; we should instead believe in Him and in His desire to help us in every situation. Even impossibilities can become realities when we trust in the Lord, the only person throughout history who has left His tomb empty by His own power.

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