Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lent: Jairus

Mark 5:22-24, 35-43
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The story of Jairus seeking Jesus' healing for his daughter and receiving her back from the dead is interrupted by the story of the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. The two miracles seem unrelated, lending a realism to both accounts, since storytellers would not generally choose to abruptly interrupt one tale to give us another. And yet, beyond the realistic touch, seeing the first miracle accomplished may have given Jairus the faith he needed to bring Jesus back to his house when told that his daughter had died. Jesus tells the woman who had bled for twelve years, "your faith has healed you", then his first words to Jairus on receiving news of his daughter's death are to not fear but, "only believe". And Jairus does, for he brings Jesus into his home and his daughter is brought back to life.
Jesus repeatedly tells individuals that He encounters that their healing comes about because of their faith. A lack of faith actually prevents Him from healing some (Mk 6:6). Jairus has enough faith to ask Jesus to heal his daughter; does he have enough to believe that Jesus can raise her from the dead? That potential need for an increase in faith is helped by witnessing the healing of the bleeding woman. Do you have enough faith for all that you need Christ Jesus to do in your life? If you don't (I know my faith is often weak), take time now to ask the Lord to build up your faith, so you will believe in His power to heal every hurt in your life.

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