Friday, March 8, 2013

Lent: Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52
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Have you ever tried to block your ability to see (like with a thick bandanna) or turned off the lights in a really dark cave? It can be frightening not to know which way to go or what might be on the floor ready to trip you. Bartimaeus lived like that day in and day out...and he was happy for an opportunity for his life to change forever. Bartimaeus couldn't see Jesus, yet he had the insight to know that this man could heal him. The people nearby tried to shush him, yet he only called out louder to catch the attention of Jesus. His persistence paid off in a complete healing of his eyesight so he could see with his physical body as well as his spiritual soul.
Once again, it is the faith of the person requesting the miracle that is credited for the miracle taking place. How often do we see our prayers go unanswered because we don't have the faith for God to work in our lives? How often do we not even ask the Lord to work because we don't believe He can? How often do we accept our blindness and the shushing of those around us as inevitable and right without believing that it could change? Pray today that your attitude will change; that you will have faith in Christ and bring every care and concern to you that He can heal you. We want our lives transformed; we want our blindness healed; we want to see clearly as Bartimaeus within our spirits so we will be as believing and persistent as he was in capturing Christ's attention.

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