Monday, March 11, 2013

Lent: Man born blind

John 9:1-7, 35-38
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Most of the miracles in the Gospels begin with an individual or someone close to the individual asking Jesus to bring about a healing. The miracle comes about from the initiative of someone who wants to see a healing take place in themselves or in someone they love. Yet here, most of the initiative comes from Jesus. His disciples point out the blind man but they don't ask the Lord to heal Him; they assume the man's trouble is a just judgement from God. Instead, God Himself takes the initiative to heal the man and God Himself takes the initiative a bit later to find and reveal Himself to the man.
God has made it clear in the Bible that He is always available to us if we choose to turn to Him. If it seems that He isn't currently working in my life, I know that either I've turned away from Him or I am having trouble seeing Him as He is. Either way, the fault in the relationship lies with me (whether intentionally or not) and can be restored as soon as I change/ask Him to change me. There are times, though, when God takes the initiative to begin or restore a relationship. He cares deeply for our lives and will intervene to change us for the better, when He sees we are ready for the change. This man obviously was, for his response to the Pharisees' attack was one of faith. God took the initiative in his life, and he responded by worshiping Him.

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