Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Reality of Eternal Punishment

Romans 10:1
Revelation 20:12-15
If anyone needs to be saved, there must be something they need to be saved from. Our society denies the existence of hell and the devil, so what's the point of all the prayer, sacrifices, and work? If we're not in danger, then we don't need to be saved. We need to truly understand the reality of the danger we are all in if we are to effectively warn others. It's hard to remember that sometimes when life is going particularly well for us and hard to forget (if we already believe in its existence) when life is particularly difficult.
I'm always amazed at the people I encounter who attend church fairly regularly yet don't fully believe in its importance or in much of what is preached there. Why get up early on Sunday morning to sit in a pew for an hour or so if it doesn't really mean anything?? I would much rather sleep in, eat a weekly brunch, and have a lazy me-first day or accomplish a bunch of work done that I don't quite get to in the other 6 days of the week. Why do I go to church every Sunday, and in fact spend time every day in prayer? Because I believe in the existence of God, I believe in the truth of His Word (including promises of rewards, punishment, and the existence of Satan), and I find that faith reinforced daily by His direct help in my life.
My faith, quite honestly, began as an understanding that God is real, including His rewards and punishments and daily helps, but over time has transformed into a much better understanding of His love. And as I've grown in recognizing His love for me (including His desire for us to enjoy His rewards), I've grown to love and desire Him. I hope that through my life I can help others understand that love and choose to receive it rather than reject Him and face the consequences of that poor choice.

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