Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Laundry and Meal Prep

Romans 9:33
Acts 4:8-12
What a blessed problem to have: more
laundry than will fit in the dresser drawers
My life is filled with trivialities. My family doesn't object: although most of my time is spent on things that will wither and fade (Is 40:8), they rather appreciate the meals prepared and the home cleaned. They would be rather put out if I gave up those activities in favor of full-time prayer and meditation. But it's good to question occasionally whether my activities are balanced so I am also spending my time on the things that will last and whether I am distracted in those activities from living them out in a way that honors the Lord. Yes, I may spend a lot of time on laundry, which will not last a week let alone an eternity. But am I also spending time in the Presence of the Lord? Am I also reading Scripture on a regular basis? Do I fold that laundry out of Christ-like love for my family? Or have I made the activity itself more important than the people that activity is meant to serve and love?
When we build our lives on the Rock of Christ (Mt 7:24), even the trivial activities can help us become more like Him. All people will eventually have an encounter with Him; but we can choose to make Him the Cornerstone of our lives or allow ourselves to be destroyed by Who He Is. We can reject Him, refusing to allow Him to be Lord of our lives, stumbling over Him and being broken (Mt 21:44). Or we can center our lives on Him, allowing Him to transform our everyday trivial activities and to replace some of them with activities that will last for all time.

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