Monday, June 2, 2014

Bible Study: Unique and precious

Romans 15:7
Matthew 10:28-31
Maria is intelligent, personable, and generous. Giving of herself as well as her possessions, she shares her life story with whoever will listen--even the grocery store cashier she has never met before and will probably never see again after we finish paying our bill.
Reese is much more deliberate about who she interacts with. Carefully precise, she is willing to fight fiercely for what she wants, if she truly wants it. We were initially concerned for her as the only non-firstborn (at the time) in our family, but she quickly proved her ability and desire to dominate us all.
We were often asked when Princess was born who she takes after. We could only answer that she is her own person. Laid back, she lets her big sisters treat her like a living baby doll. Loving and lovable, she is always eager to cuddle someone who is important to her. Loyal, she decides who is important, and no one else: even grandparents haven't made the cut yet (much to their chagrin!).
Each one is unique. Each one has a different path ahead of her. Each one has different strengths and will struggle with different weaknesses in life. How narrow-minded we are when we select one person as more important than another! As if one were perfect and we were qualified to judge who that was! God doesn't call us more precious than sparrows because we have an easy life as His children (ever notice how quickly sparrows die??). Rather, He is aware of each and every trial we endure and will bring about justice on our behalf. When we treat other people as precious individuals, we are imitating the Lord who also treasures them. When we treat them poorly then we can be sure He is aware of our actions and will bring about justice even if that seems to take awhile.

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