Monday, May 26, 2014

Bible Study: Giving beyond our means

Romans 15:5
Mark 6:30-34
This one's needs obviously trump my own these days
Jesus and His disciples needed time away from the multitudes of people. They deserved time to rest after all their hard work ministering to others. The people wouldn't even give them time and space to eat! Jesus led His disciples away to a remote area so that no one would bother them for awhile, giving them the opportunity to recover. Yet the people ignored His wishes and the needs of the ministers, pursuing them, arriving before them, insisting by their presence that their needs take precedence over the needs of Jesus and His disciples. It must have been a bit frustrating, yet Jesus loved those needy people and changed His plans to continue serving them.
Sometimes my children demand more from me than I really feel capable of giving. I just want a meal; a few hours sleep; a little time to myself. Instead I forgo those very essential needs so my children will receive what they need. I burn up, I burn out, I give even my body for their use, especially during the first 9 months of their lives. This is a natural human response to children, yet am I willing to do the same for strangers? Will I give when it hurts simply because they need something from me? Will I forgo my own needs for the sake of theirs? Will I minister to them when I'm desperately needing ministry from them?
No, this is not an argument in favor of burnout. Retreats are good; refreshment is needed especially for those who serve the most; there are certainly occasions when the correct answer to a request for help is "No." And yet there are times when the Lord asks us to give beyond our capabilities. Are we willing to love enough to obey His request and give our all to those in need?
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