Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bible Study: Role models

Romans 15:4
Hebrews 11:4-12
ready to conquer
Who do you look up to? As Christians, our role models extend all the way back to the beginning of humanity. We look up to people we know in person and people we hear about from the recent past to shape the way we live our lives as individuals, but we also look to people whose faith has been recorded for generations beyond generations to shape our spiritual selves. We may not have the opportunity in this life to get to know those people in person but we can learn a lot from them by reading about the decisions they made. It is very challenging to stay faithful to Christ even when surrounded with others trying to do the same, let alone when we are alone amidst people who work against our beliefs. In those trials it can help to remember the difficulties other believers have encountered and their faithfulness to the Lord despite the obstacles. Their faith is a witness to us so that we can also be faithful. Their testimony is an encouragement so that we can also share a testimony of faithfulness with those who follow us. Because we know how the Lord worked in their lives and sustained them, we gain confidence in spite of our troubles that He continues to work in our lives and sustain us.

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