Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lent 2014: Samaritan woman

John 4:5-30
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Sometimes the healing we need is not physical. The Samaritan woman wasn't bleeding or blind or paralyzed or dead. Yet as soon as Jesus told her that He could give her living water to quench her spiritual thirst she was very interested. She knew that her situation with her husbands and non-husband was not healthy for her. When Jesus told her that He knew all she had done and was able to offer her something better, she immediately placed her trust in Him. We aren't privy to why she found herself in the situation of having had five husbands and living with yet another man without marrying him, but we know from her response to Jesus that she must have been hurting.
In which areas of your life are you hurting? Perhaps you have had five "husbands", or are experiencing the pain of other broken relationships, or find it surprising that someone like Christ would choose to associate with someone like you. Perhaps you feel the rejection that this woman first expressed when a Jew asked her for water. Or perhaps there is some other area of your heart that is in pain.
However you are hurting, Christ is ready and willing to heal.

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