Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lent 2014: Bleeding woman

Mark 5:24-34
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A woman who was forbidden to touch anyone according to Jewish law recognized the power Jesus held and dared to touch just the tip of His clothing. So many others were also touching Him that the disciples were surprised when Jesus noticed one particular touch. But the others were simply bumping into Him because there were so many people in the crowd. This woman deliberately touched His cloak for the sake of receiving His healing power. He wasn't simply another man in the crowd to this woman. He was a source of hope. She had no reason to believe that anyone could heal her: all her money had been spent on the best medical options available to her at the time and her condition had only grown worse. But she believed in Jesus, she had faith in His power to heal, she acted on her hope that He could do something for her without even knowing about her condition that no one else could do despite every detail of her situation.
Perhaps one of the reasons we don't see more vivid answers to our own prayers lies in our lack of faith. We don't comprehend the immense power that Christ holds. What would happen if we truly believed in the depths of our being that a simple word from Him was enough to fix every problem we face? What would happen if we truly believed that He could heal us without even looking at us, without even intentionally choosing to heal us?

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