Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lent 2014: Demon possessed man

Mark 5:1-20
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The people of the area were afraid of the raw power they recognized in Jesus. They saw a man whom no one could control even with the strongest of chains, and they saw that Jesus completely transformed him through nothing more forceful than words. If even His words had that effect, what else was He capable of? They unfortunately decided they didn't want to find out. They would rather stick with the familiar, terrible and wonderful as their lives maybe were, than discover what would happen when Jesus spoke to them and touched them.
Jesus insisted that the former demoniac stay with his own people. They would not listen to Jesus directly, but this man could be an ambassador for the Lord. They might be less afraid with him as a mediator, and so become open to the life Christ offered to them with a little bit of distance between themselves and the power of His words.
We are also called to be His ambassadors to people afraid to interact with Him directly. We will be more effective if we recognize and remember the immense power He holds and can share personal experiences we have had with the Lord of life. Part of the reason He doesn't show His power as directly with everyone in the world as He did with this one demoniac is because it is so overwhelming for so many. Yet we know it's reality and we can share it through our testimonies so that others can receive life in Him despite their fear.

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