Friday, March 14, 2014

Lent 2014: Paralytic lowered through the roof

Mark 2:1-12
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No matter how bad your situation, there's always someone worse off than yourself. That doesn't diminish the difficulty of the trials you face, it simply gives you the opportunity to learn from how someone else is coping with their own trial and the gift of praying for that individual. The paralyzed man was in an incredibly difficult situation. Remember, there were no hospitals, no government subsidized social services, no wheelchairs or elevators. Without the support of friends and family, this man's illness condemned him to death. Fortunately for him, he did have support, and they even worked through discouraging obstacles to bring him to Jesus. We don't know what sins the man had committed that were so serious that Jesus seemed to consider forgiving him without physically healing him. Christ's concern was first and foremost the needs of the man in front of Him, not the opinions of the audience looking on. Having dealt with his needs and desires, Jesus then turned His attention to the faith of the others in the room and healed the man's physical needs.
You may be struggling with difficulties every bit as challenging as what this paralyzed man faced. Life would be much more enjoyable if physical ailments were healed, yet Jesus doesn't seem to care. So spend a few moments each day asking Him what He thinks your most pressing needs are. Perhaps there's an unforgiven (unrepented) sin which He considers more important for your overall health. Also spend a few moments recognizing the support which you do have (Not the support you wish for and don't have! Be honest and grateful, regardless of how little you think it is!) and a few moments praying for those even worse off than yourself.

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