Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lent 2014: Matthew

Matthew 9:9-13
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Is what you have now truly so much better than what you could have as a disciple of Jesus? Matthew's occupation gave him access to as much money as he wanted and "many" friends like him. He gave that up as soon as Jesus called him to follow Him. Because he was sick spiritually he was eager to make a change. The Pharisees who thought they had so much already weren't able to recognize the treasure available in Christ Jesus. Because they saw themselves as spiritually healthy, they missed out on the Messiah they had supposedly been longing for since the Fall of Man. Meanwhile, Matthew recognized his need for salvation and so received it.
Have you given up your illusions of spiritual health to follow the Savior? Have you chosen to be a Matthew or a Pharisee?
If you have made that initial decision to become Jesus' disciple, are there any areas in your life that you are reluctant to surrender to Him? Have you held back a portion, thinking somehow that parts of you are not sick enough to receive attention from the Physician, hoping that He'll allow you to keep those parts hidden and focus only on the areas you choose? When He has so much to offer, is what you have truly so much better, truly worth holding onto?

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