Monday, March 10, 2014

Lent 2014: Simeon

Luke 2:25-35
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The prospect of death brings incredible fear to a lot of people. We don't have the confidence that Simeon had to trust the Lord for the unknown. He had cultivated a deep relationship with God and received from Him a promise that he would see the Messiah in person before his death. Having seen the fulfillment of that promise, he was peaceful in the face of death.
If we were to follow Simeon's example and find that same peaceful acceptance of death, we would focus our efforts on becoming "righteous and devout". Simeon didn't become confident in the Lord's plans for his life overnight; he cultivated a deep relationship with God and his confidence arose out of that relationship. Next we would recognize the promises He has already made to us and thank Him for their fulfillment: promises in Scripture of salvation, of grace, of protection, of love. We can learn about the prophesies made--such as the promise to send a Messiah--and God's faithfulness in making each one come true. Thirdly, we would be open to the possibility that He might make personal promises to us and have the faith to see their fulfillment. The promise to see the coming of the Messiah wasn't made to every Jew in Jerusalem of the time, or even to every "righteous and devout" Jew. As far as we know, it was a promise made only to Simeon. Because he had cultivated that relationship with the Lord he was able to hear the promise made, and because he trusted the Lord's faithfulness he was able to wait with expectant faith to see the fulfillment.
What can you do today to imitate Simeon's example and prepare yourself for a more peaceful attitude toward death?
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