Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lent 2014: Andrew

John 1:35-42
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Andrew barely knew Jesus himself and was already sharing Him with others. Over time both he and the brother he brought to Jesus became His close companions, yet he was ready to share Christ on nothing more than the words of John the Baptist that this man was the Lamb of God. How would our lives and the lives of those around us change if we were so eager to share the Messiah? We have much more to go on than Andrew did. Andrew had the word of one man who had received the revelation from the Holy Spirit; we have that same testimony and also the account of the remainder of Jesus' life on earth and also the witness of Christians over the course of 2000 years and also the personal contact we benefit from in prayer. Andrew hadn't seen any miracles yet, didn't realize the Messiah would suffer and die for our sake, wasn't yet chosen as one of the Apostles, had no reason to leave John except the confidence that John was pointing to the Messiah as the one to follow. There were probably times during his life when he wished things had turned out differently. Yet he continued to follow Christ Jesus until the day of his own death as a martyr, sharing him all along the way.
If we are true disciples of Jesus Christ, why are we not just as eager to share Him with others as Andrew was right from the beginning? We have far more proof that His coming has benefited us and is a blessing for others to receive. So share that blessing! Share it with family, with friends, with coworkers, with neighbors, with acquaintances, with strangers, with everyone you meet throughout every day! Don't let anyone miss the blessings of knowing the Messiah simply because they were never told.

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