Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lent 2014: Anna

Luke 2:36-38
1 Corinthians 3:18-23
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Our culture has forgotten the beauty of Anna. We try to imitate movie stars, sports champions, political figures, business moguls, airbrushed supermodels, depressed musicians, and other role models who emphasize power, physical beauty, and youth, but very often do not exhibit high moral standards nor an abundance of godly wisdom. Anna focused all her time and effort on worshiping the Lord. She didn't need the drugs or alcohol that our culture's superheroes often get in trouble for abusing. While I'm sure she would not make front cover of a modern fashion magazine, her reward of seeing the promised Messiah in person was of far greater value than anything this world has to offer. The world's wisdom says that we should chase after the rewards our celebrities seem to have. God's wisdom says that is foolish advise and we should pursue an ever deeper relationship with Him instead. Who is right? The rewards of this world tarnish and dissolve, never lasting beyond our natural deaths. The rewards of the Lord, the rewards Anna received, endure for all eternity. She may have been insignificant, unnoticeable for power, physical beauty, or youth (definitely long gone from her), yet her wisdom far exceeded that of the most powerful, beautiful, young people of her time or any other.

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