Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy Heritage: Nicknames

So far I've referred to my children by their respective ages. This gives perspective for all those who don't know exactly how old they are of which things they do/say are particularly amusing because of their age. But it will become confusing in the long-term as they grow up and I have to match up the date on each post with their respective birthdays in order to remember which child said what. So I'm giving them all nicknames to use here.
Maria: 6 and 3/4 years old, she's happy to tell every acquaintance and stranger that her birthday is only a month and a half away. No longer just 6 and 1/2, she's not quite content with the 3/4...because she has passed that mark and doesn't want anyone to miss even one month that she has gained toward her 7 year mark. She knows exactly how many days are left until her birthday (although her math is a little off...) In fact, she usually includes the information that "in only 7 years I'm going to be 13!!"
Reese: Pronounced with two long "e"s, as if it were spelled "Reesee". LOVES peanut butter and it's even better with chocolate. Although her nickname came separate, before she'd ever tried the candy Reese's Pieces (pronounced of course "Reesee's Piecees") or the cups, she's always happy to enjoy a peanut butter cup or candy pieces. Reese is 5 years old. We thought when she was born that she might be in an awkward position, the only non-firstborn of our little family. Yet somehow she gets exactly what she wants from all of us older than her, as if she were the bossy one instead of the three of us.
Princess: There are nearly 5 years in between Reese and Princess, so our 7 month old daughter is treated every minute as a princess by our two older daughters. She loves them in return, giving them plenty of motivation to continue the princess treatment. Not that her daddy and I miss every opportunity possible to give her that same treatment!
Ant: We don't know this child yet. His nickname comes from Proverbs 6:6, as a prayer that he will learn wisdom from the Lord and become himself someone that others will learn wisdom from. After we meet him in the spring and get to know him, he might earn another nickname for himself. Then again, he might simply confirm this nickname as appropriate.

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