Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bible Study: Bossy

Romans 14:4
Matthew 25:14-30
The oldest child in the family has the prerogative of bossing the younger siblings. My oldest child and her daddy agree with me. Our younger siblings don't always see the situation correctly, but then the majority are too old for my husband and I to boss now anyway. Our daughter's younger siblings have many, many years yet to convince her that she's not in charge of them. While the oldest might excuse the bossiness (rightfully or not) by pointing to the extra responsibilities given by the parents, it will never become an asset in a leadership role unless he/she learns when and who to boss. We need leaders to tell us what to do, but we don't need someone else's boss contradicting our own boss and criticizing our efforts. Nor do we need to be the meddlesome person creating havoc within someone else's domain.
It's not about whether an individual needs to be judged, or given instructions, or reprimanded for squandering the King's resources. It's about whether you are the one to do so. Are you the Master? Have you been given authority over that servant? If not, then let the true authority take charge without your interference. Just as a younger sibling is more likely to rebel against a rule if it's enforced by an older sibling rather than the rightful parent, the Master's servant is more likely to continue in wrongdoing if harassed by someone with no authority in the situation rather than by the Lord or His rightful representative.

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