Monday, January 6, 2014

Bible Study: Getting to know the Lord more deeply

Romans 14:5
John 14:5-14
How do you become fully convinced in your own mind that what you are doing is right according to God's will for you? If you are convinced that one day should be celebrated in a special way to honor the Lord and your friend is convinced that each day should honor Him but no day set apart as special, how do you know you are right and shouldn't change your ways to reflect your friend's beliefs? The answer lies in knowing the Lord, in remaining close to Him and hearing what He tells you.
It's too simple to say that everyone should set aside time each day dedicated to prayer and Bible study. Yes, everyone who can, should. But the problems with this are 1) What about the slaves and prisoners in concentration camps and others who have no control over their time? Are they blocked from a deep relationship with our Savior? and 2) That time dedicated to be with the Lord is only the beginning of a truly deep relationship with Him. Done well it will help us continue a conversation with Him throughout the rest of the day.
If you want to know the Lord well, worship and thanksgiving in the morning will continue with every blessing, big and small, recognized and acknowledged throughout the day. Intercession will take place as individuals come to mind during each and every activity. Meditation on Scriptures read and memorized will reinforce the Lord's instructions day and night. Only when the relationship is free to grow, unlimited by the small portion of the day dedicated specifically to God, will that relationship become such a part of us that we will confidently walk according to the Lord's will, with no doubts that the choices we make please Him.

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