Friday, May 10, 2013

Same mercy extended to others

Romans 11:30
Psalm 143:1-2
Graft #6
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Who am I in the eyes of the Lord? He knows even the most hidden secrets of my heart (Prv 20:27) that I hide from myself. He is aware of both the good and the bad; I cannot successfully pretend to be someone I am not when with the Lord. I cannot justify myself, faking righteousness when He knows the truth. He is well aware of my disobedience. He knows that I have been unrighteous. He offers me mercy because I truly need it, not as a mere formality. If I understand how essential that mercy is to my relationship with Him, I will not resent it being extended to anyone else. I will instead encourage it, pray for it, hope for those who are far from the Lord to receive the mercy I have received. Yes, there are quite a few individuals who come to mind as being unlikely to ever return to God. For some of them my relationship could be awkward if they do. Or rather, it would be awkward if I didn't remember how much I have needed the Lord's forgiveness for my sins or didn't anticipate God's intervention in that relationship to remake it. (He didn't design Heaven for us to spend eternity avoiding particular people who also happen to be there, who we avoided on Earth at all costs). I have needed His forgiveness, His mercy, time and again to become a member of His family and to avoid being pruned off. Why should He not offer the same to others?

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