Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Heritage: Food Adventures

Some cornstarch-based playdough was left outside during a rainstorm, turning into a slimy, gooey, gross looking mess. I certainly avoided touching it but didn't realize just how disgusting it looked until my 6yr described it as looking like the afterbirth of a cow. How does she know what THAT looks like?? My first thought was that she's read about it in one of her books. Then I thought maybe a friend "in the know" had described something else gross as looking like the afterbirth of a cow. Then my husband pointed out that it was featured in an episode of a tv program he likes to watch of a man from the U.S. eating gross food around the world. Who needs to read about such things in a book about farm life when you can watch someone consuming it? Fortunately, our daughter was not inclined to imitate his example with the wet playdough. (And that kind of "food" is why I avoid watching that program with him!)
Perhaps we've been watching too much Food Network tv. Our girls have begun reenacting their own competitions, running to complete a task after one of them calls out, "And your time...starts...NOW!"
Both girls seem convinced that "manila" is a mispronunciation of "vanilla". So they pronounce the word "correctly". This has led to new descriptions of other items, such as "blueberry" paper.
Preparing to serve some refried beans from a can, I overheard my 6yr describe them in a satisfied voice as "fresh from the store".
6yr: "I get the most because I'm the oldest."
4yr: "Someday when I'm older like you then I'll get the most."
6yr: "You'll never be the oldest because I will always be older."
4yr (undaunted): "Someday when you die then I'll get the most because then I'll be the oldest."

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