Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Praise God for who He is

Romans 11:36
Revelation 5:6-14
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Promise of salvation.
Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Answers to prayer.
Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
Blessings and gifts received from Him.
We have many reasons to worship God, but ultimately our goal should be to worship Him simply because He is God and worthy of our praise. The reality is that most all of us begin for selfish reasons and few (none?) reach the point this side of heaven where our motive is truly only because He is worthy of our worship. Yet we should all be striving to grow in our Christian maturity, to move beyond selfish motives to love and praise Him for Who He Is. It's okay to not be there yet, but what decision can you make today that will bring you deeper in your relationship with the Lord, toward the ultimate goal? Perhaps you can schedule time, or a greater amount of time, everyday to spend worshiping Him. Perhaps you can build a list of phrases to use in that time of worship, so you never run out of ideas in the midst of praising God. Perhaps when you are thanking the Lord for His blessings, you can include a particular character trait He has, thanking Him for who He is rather than simply for what He does, or add on a thanksgiving for something that seems to be the opposite of a blessing, recognizing that the Lord sees what you cannot. Wherever you are on the spectrum of worshiping God for what you receive from Him or simply because He is worthy of praise, make a decision today that will bring you closer to Him.

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