Monday, May 20, 2013

It's all a gift to us

Romans 11:35
Isaiah 1:11-15
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God doesn't ask for our devotion because He gains something from it. He is complete in Himself; He doesn't need us or anything we could ever bring to Him. We are the ones who gain from a relationship with Him. We are the ones who profit from obeying His commandments. We are the ones who receive grace upon grace (Jn 1:16) as gifts from Him. He gave the rules for sacrifices not because He benefits from them, but to provide a means for us to reconcile with Him, foreshadowing the ultimate sacrifice of the Son for the ultimate reconciliation with our Creator. Offering Him a sacrifice (animal or pointing to Christ on the cross) while blatantly defying His will is the epitome of disrespect. It is an act of hypocrisy, expressing a desire for a reconciled relationship with the Lord while actively disregarding His desires for us. What does He owe us? NOTHING. Everything we receive from Him is pure gift, offered out of love, not debt.

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