Friday, May 17, 2013

Free to choose any god

Romans 11:34
Isaiah 40:12-14
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How often have you heard or said, "My god wouldn't do that."? Whether it's sending people to hell, allowing unspeakable suffering to continue, requiring animal sacrifice, preferring one person over another, or some other act which is currently unpopular, we feel free to select which god we will believe in and serve. We should consider ourselves fortunate, since most people in human history did not experience that same freedom. Their god was determined by the culture they grew up in. Given our freedom to choose, why do we look around for a god that imitates our humanity rather than the one who actually created us and can bring us to greater things? I'd much rather worship a God powerful enough and wise enough that I can't always understand Him, forcing me to trust Him and act by faith, than a weakling who is completely comprehensible and unable to accomplish anything.

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