Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Returning in September

I was planning to take a break from most blogging while our family adjusts to our newest member, beginning with the baby's birth and continuing until possibly as late as Sept 1. Given that I've finished my study of Romans through the end of chapter 11, it makes sense to stop now and continue with Romans 12:1 when I return. I may start up again earlier than Sept 1 if this turns out to be an easy adjustment, but my priority will be on our baby. I'll still be praying and reading Scripture: I hope you will too! I just won't put an obligation on myself to post my meditations here until our youngest child has a regular routine and the rest of us have caught up somewhat on our sleep.
In the meantime, if you find a devotional helpful in your prayer life, you might try one of the following:
Daily Scripture Readings and Meditations (free, mostly ecumenical, following some of the official Catholic readings for each day)
The Word Among Us (daily Catholic meditations following the Catholic Mass readings)
The Purpose Driven Life (ecumenical/Protestant 40 day devotional)
I think every Christian should read through the whole Bible at least once (preferably many times through life). If you've never done so, you might consider reading the Bible through in a year. Or take advantage of the differences between a summer schedule and a school year schedule to read through the Bible in 90 days. If you'd like to include the Catholic books, it's still possible to read it all in one year. Taken more slowly, if you follow the Catholic Mass readings for everyday then you'll cover most of the Bible in 3 years. If all that seems like too much time for where you're at, you could make it a goal to read through the New Testament in one year (one chapter each weekday). I would challenge everyone to at least choose one book in the Bible and read at least one section of a chapter each day (it really doesn't take more than a couple minutes!). Giving the Holy Spirit an opportunity to speak to you through Scripture every day will transform your life, even if your expectations are as low as can be. If they're high, imagine what He can do in and through you!

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