Monday, April 15, 2013

The choice is ours

Romans 11:9-10
Matthew 6:5-6
Psalm 69:22-23
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We are responsible for our choices and it is only reasonable that we experience the consequences that result from them. One who chooses to place his trust in the Lord will experience the peace and the eternal reward that result. One who chooses to reject the Lord will experience the unpleasant consequences. God is gracious to us in actually removing the eternal negative consequences of our sin, yet He will not force us to accept His gift. So those who refuse His gift will receive exactly what they've asked for.
David asks in Psalm 69 that his enemies receive the just retribution for their actions against him. Quoted by Paul in Romans 11, the citation is even clearer that God's opponents will experience exactly what they've chosen. He could not possibly love them more than to give them the consequences they have asked for.
What kind of consequences have you chosen? Have you selected the temporal rewards, like the Pharisees, at the expense of the eternal rewards of Heaven? Have you chosen to be God's enemy, to receive the punishment David described? Or have you chosen to receive His gift of salvation, often difficult in this life but with rewards far beyond anything we can imagine? The choice is yours alone; He will not force you to accept.

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