Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Path made open to all

Romans 11:11
Acts 13:44-48
I read recently the suggestion in a book that the vast majority of people alive today, if we could trace our ancestry back that far, had an ancestor participating in the events of Holy Week leading to Jesus' crucifixion. The point was being made that we are all responsible (Mt 27:25) for His death, many without even knowing it by the vast number of descendants those Jews present at the crucifixion must have today, and all of us by
our personal acts of sin. Regardless of whether there is the tiniest drop of Jewish blood in me, I am truly a Gentile for I don't know of any Jewish ancestry and I don't live according to the Jewish Law. So without that reassurance of being a member of God's chosen people, I am thankful that the doors have been opened for us Gentiles to also become members of His family. I hope that many Jews throughout the centuries have indeed been motivated by the salvation of the Gentiles to restore their relationship with the Lord. There is certainly room for all of us in God's kingdom. Yet I am glad that the way has been opened so that I am not excluded despite my known Gentile history.

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