Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Heritage: Career in sales

My 6yr brought to me a whole handful of stones she had collected from our backyard. I let her keep one--washed and dried and kept in her personal treasure box--but only one. She happily agreed until the rock was clean, then wanted to "give" it to me. "I thought I could sell some rocks and make some extra money. I thought I could sell this one to you." "Um, no. I'm not going to buy rocks from my own backyard." Her surprised response: "Why not??" Her daddy is very proud of her; his career in sales began as a child when he sold a (large) rock to a neighbor kid for $1. Even though his mother made him give back the kid's lunch money, he has sold several other (more useful) items since then. Our 6yr may very well follow in his footsteps in years to come.

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