Friday, January 4, 2013

There is no difference

Romans 10:12
James 2:1-4
We categorize our world to understand it. From the time of Adam categorizing animals and plants to name them, we have always sorted everything we see based on a huge array of differences. While natural to us as humans, it becomes problematic when we mistreat individuals because they belong to a group of people we've categorized as "undesirable". Whether by race, physical appearance, wealth, language, cultural background, personality, or whathaveyou, we are committing a wrongdoing if we neglect to treat the people we encounter with the same love the Lord has for them. Most of us have heard enough about the wrongful prejudices of recent generations that we reject them and strive to avoid those particular prejudices ourselves. Yet others creep in without our noticing them: prejudices based on different categorizations. Godly people I know who wouldn't dream of judging others based on their skin color will do so without realizing based on their nationality or financial income or certain socially undesirable personality quirks. It is helpful to occasionally ask the Lord to reveal any prejudices we have and to carefully examine whether our attitudes and behavior reflect the love of the Lord toward everyone we encounter each day.

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