Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sure Foundation

Romans 10:11
Isaiah 28:14-19
Ephesians 2:19-22
Matthew 7:26
We all have decisions we regret. There are people we've trusted whom we later discovered to be unworthy of that trust. The only person, in fact, who has never failed those who have trusted in him, is God Himself. We may find other humans who are as trustworthy as possible, who may every effort to be faithful and supportive in all circumstances, but their abilities are always limited and the will eventually fail us. Only God is capable of sustaining us in every situation and will never abandon us through choice or through human limitations. When you examine the decisions you're making right now, what are you basing your choices on? Are you trusting in God or have you tried to make someone else your foundation? Are you making the foolish mistake of the Israelites Isaiah rebuked or are you relying on the One who will never let you down or make you ashamed of your trust in Him?

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