Monday, January 7, 2013

God's response to those who call on Him

Romans 10:13
Joel 2:32
Exodus 9:19-21
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It can be such a simple act, to call upon the name of the Lord. God has promised that He will respond to everyone who does so, not just to those who already have a relationship with Him or who already have obeyed Him in the past. Yet it can make the difference between life and death for both the one who turns to Him and for many others whose lives are touched by that one.
There is no mention in Exodus that the Egyptians who heard Moses' warning and obeyed had any previous interaction with the Israelites nor that they left Egypt a short while later with the Israelites. Yet for one time at least they chose to believe in the sovereignty of God and that choice preserved the lives of all their servants and their livestock. Even if they didn't preserve their eternal souls, they at least preserved their wealth by obeying God that one time. If the Lord is so eager to bless those Egyptians in the midst of their idolatry, how much more will He bless us when we call out to Him for help with a heart ready to be transformed?

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