Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sharing our faith

Romans 10:14
2 Timothy 4:1-5
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Our faith is for the future and our faith is for now. Since we benefit on every level from the love, the grace, the hope, and the guidance of the Lord, why would we not share it with everyone we encounter? The answer most of the time is fear. We're afraid of the people we would share our faith with; afraid of their reaction, afraid of the consequences for us, afraid of failing and leaving that individual with a worse perception of Christ than what they had before our encounter. Yet sharing our faith should not be optional for us. It should be evident in all our words and actions, in our attitudes, in our decisions, in the way we dress and the way we love. Our lives should be so transparent in our faith that we are incapable of concealing it. Sometimes it is vitally important to speak our faith clearly. Yet that message will only be heard if we are already living our faith clearly. In season and out, regardless of whether it is well received or not, we should always strive to interact with others in a gracious, loving, forgiving manner. When we're able to live this out, our whole lives become a witness unlike anything this world has to offer.

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