Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Invitation to the wedding feast

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Romans 11:1
Matthew 22:1-14
I don't have God's patience. Although He of course offers me the grace to be as patient with others as I need to be, to avoid sinning, I don't take advantage of His offer nearly as often as my family would like me to. The Lord, on the other hand, has invested thousands of years in His people, granting them every opportunity to accept His invitation to the wedding feast, even when they turned away from Him to false gods, killed His prophets, and violated every commandment He gave them. Yet still His offer remains open, although now it is open to individuals of every race and nationality. As a nation, the Israelites rejected the offer and the King sent His invitation out to other "more deserving" people. Yet as individuals, the offer still stands, open to all those who choose to accept it, whether Israelite like Paul or Gentile like me.

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