Monday, January 28, 2013


Romans 10:20-21
Isaiah 65:1-5
A couple weeks' worth of blessings
It is incredibly difficult for us to be content. We are always searching for something else: something bigger, or smaller, or more glamorous, or more peaceful, more exciting, or less exciting. How many times have you looked at the life you already have and known it is good, yet you still wanted to change it? How often do we say about the people we love the most, "I love him/her, I just wish he/she wouldn't..."? Perhaps our lack of contentment has little to do with what we have or don't have and much more to do with our focus. Perhaps we would be much happier with our lives and relationships if we actively chose to be thankful at every opportunity and sought out the blessings in each situation rather than the reasons we could find fault with that situation.
The Israelites were sought after by the Lord Himself. He gave them every reason to be content in their relationship with Him and forgave them repeatedly when they turned away from Him. Yet still they chose to ignore the blessings they received which no other nation had experienced and pursued the gods which were able to offer them nothing in return for the tremendous good they had sacrificed in their abandonment of the true God. After many opportunities over many hundreds of years God finally turned away from their exclusive relationship as God and people and offered that relationship to the rest of the world.
Are you content in your life and your faith? Before giving up what you have for something new, take time to consider whether you are sacrificing a blessing for a burden. Don't give up something wonderful, like the Israelites did, for something that can offer you little or nothing in return for your sacrifice.

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