Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Challenge Update

Our Thanksgiving basket has been a HUGE success. Two weeks ago I set out a basket and paper for everyone in our family to write down items we are thankful for. My hope was that we would go beyond the minimum 1/family member/day and come up with 3 or more for each person each day. While I haven't counted out the papers, we have all enjoyed the challenge and are certainly on track to fulfill our goal. We outgrew our little basket (I had to push down the little papers to make it last the first 1 1/2 weeks) and are quickly overwhelming our larger basket. I don't have another to upgrade to; by next Thursday I might "have to" set out both baskets next to each other and push the papers down more to keep them from falling onto the floor.
I write out the majority of our thanksgivings at the breakfast table while we eat our family meal. A few more have been added later in the day as little drawings by our daughters who can't spell yet. There are no rules about items being included more than once; I won't write down "bananas" more than once a day but it may be added just about every morning as family members eats their breakfast.
My friend Lisa adapted the same idea to help counteract the Christmas time greediness. Both my version and her's should help our families (and certainly ourselves!) remember the many, many blessings we have received from the Lord. It's much easier to be cheerful, grateful, gracious, and loving when we take time each day to acknowledge the gifts we have received from God and thank Him for them. What are you doing to grow in thankfulness today?
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