Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grace and strength to endure

Romans 11:2-3
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1 Kings 19:10-12
I can identify with Elijah's discouragement. A whole nation of people begun according to God's precepts has turned away from the Lord and chosen instead to persecute those who are faithful to His teaching. I don't live in a situation even half as hostile as Elijah's, yet it could easily become as dangerous within a decade or two. Will things turn around? Will the tensions ease, or will real sacrifices for our faith become necessary? Only God knows the future and only He can give us the grace and the strength to endure. Elijah went to the right place in his discouragement: he sought out the Lord God. When we are faced with difficulties, He is ready to help us also. When we turn to Him, He is ready with an answer and with renewed grace.

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