Friday, January 11, 2013

God's voice speaking to us

Romans 10:16
Isaiah 53:1-12
My husband was reflecting recently on the volume of God's voice as He speaks to us. On the one hand, His audible voice can be very quiet (1 Kings 19:12) so we need to be paying close attention if we're going to hear it. Yet at the same time, my husband reflected, He shouts to us every moment of every day, through nature, through our existence, through blessings and circumstances that bring joy to our days. Sometimes it is the ordinariness of His voice and His miracles that we reject as being too common to be reflections of the Lord's glory. Who in all of Nazareth looked at the boy Jesus and recognized Him as the very Son of God? They thought He was the carpenter's son, an ordinary boy in an ordinary village without any reason for them to listen to what He had to say (Mt 13:55). Didn't they notice He had never committed a single wrongdoing in His whole life?? Yet how often we also reject the yelling voice of our Creator, who holds our existence in the palm of His hand. Look outside at the wonder of creation: wonders which we cannot even begin to replicate. Everything is balanced out, not by simplistic evolution but by the guidance and forethought of the One Who created it all. Each individualized snowflake, each perfectly numbered flower petal, cries out to the glory of God and His immense care for us. Yet we ignore both His still, small voice and His shouts of love.

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