Thursday, January 10, 2013

Becoming an expert

Romans 10:15
Isaiah 52:6-10
Artist At Work
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Nobody wants to hear a medical doctor give a lecture on art, or an engineer speak on medical issues, or an artist talk about chemical engineering. They simply don't have the knowledge base to discuss that particular field in depth. We consult with professionals on their own field of expertise, not someone else's.
The Good News that the Lord has entrusted to us is relevant to every individual and welcome to all those ready to hear it. For those who have endured the trials of life and are eager to receive the peace offered by God, the words we have to speak are sought after even before they realize what it is they are seeking. But we can't bring that Good News to them effectively unless we internalize it ourselves. Only by becoming experts in the field are we prepared to give others what they need and want. Of course, we don't become experts by becoming absolutely perfect nor is the necessary expertise always found through a study of theology. Rather our advanced degrees come through an ever deepening relationship with our Lord, complete with the worship, repentance, forgiveness, thankfulness, etc. that expresses our need for the Messiah and our admiration for Him. We cannot share His love with others if we're not living in it ourselves day by day.

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