Monday, January 14, 2013

Faith comes by hearing

Romans 10:17
Jeremiah 7:12-15
Newborn Ear
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How frustrating it is to speak to someone and not be listened to! My daughter asks me a question, then the same question again, then the same question again, until my response becomes: "If you ask me a question, then please listen to my answer!! For the LAST time, here is the answer to what you asked me." She's certainly not the only one guilty of forcing others to repeat themselves. While I could give any number of examples, I'll stick to my own: I can get caught up in my own little world and the person trying to speak to me has to pull me out of it and repeat himself before getting an answer out of me. Although he may have been speaking to me about the most fascinating subject in the world, I need to actively hear him before I am able to respond or act on what is said.
God has spoken to humans throughout history and continues to speak to us today. Those who hear His Words find life in them. He doesn't stop speaking just because no one listens. It is our choice whether we will hear what He has to say or not. Yet the consequences for our choice are real and we will find our lives and our eternities will be much more pleasant for those who hear and believe the Word of God.

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