Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jesse Tree: Noah

Scripture: Genesis 8:1-13
Event/Theme: Noah
Symbol we use: Dove-shaped Christmas ornament. We have also used a rainbow sun-catcher. A feather could also be used (hmm, I think my mil has a feathered dove ornament I should convince her to pass on to me...)
Meditation: As much as Noah and his family may have enjoyed each other's company, it must have been difficult to be confined to the ark for over a year. One year goes by quickly when life is good but it can drag on forever when we are facing a difficulty or a trial. How wonderful it must have felt when "God remembered Noah"! But that was only the beginning; that was when it stopped raining but it still took several months for the water to drain and the earth to dry out. When we're in the midst of difficulties it can feel like our struggle will never end and God has forgotten us completely. I'm sure the Israelites felt like this also while waiting for the promised Messiah. But God is at work in our lives; He has not forgotten us and He will fulfill each and every one of His promises.

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