Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jesse Tree: The First Sin

Scripture: Genesis 3:1-6
Event/Theme: The first sin
Symbol we use: A fruit shaped ornament. In the past we used a slice of dried apple tied up with ribbon. It was perfect! but it was dried fruit and rotted. Whenever I don't have another ornament to use, I just color the same picture my daughters use (but I color it as an adult rather than a preschooler...) and hang it with string or an opened paper clip just like theirs. Another appropriate ornament would be a Christmas tree or other tree (for the tree the fruit grew on) or a garden ornament (which was closed to humanity after the sin).
Meditation: Whatever the fruit was, God specifically told Adam and Eve that they were not to eat it. He gave them an abundance of fruit in a beautiful garden and only kept the fruit of one tree from them. Their lives would have been very different if they had obeyed this one commandment. Yet I expect that eventually one of their descendants would have chosen to disobey anyway and humanity would need Jesus to be our savior even if Adam and Eve had chosen to obey. We could spend our time complaining and criticizing their decision to eat the fruit, but instead we should turn our focus on our own obedience. In the choices we make today, are we obeying God or are we deciding to eat the forbidden fruit?

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