Friday, December 21, 2012

Jesse Tree: Nehemiah

Scripture: Nehemiah 4:9-21
Event/Theme: Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem
Symbol we use: A picture of a watchtower
Meditation: Nehemiah trusted God from the beginning to the end. It seems that no one else thought it truly possible for him to be successful, but he worked at rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem anyway. This was the Lord's work and so had the Lord's protection yet it still required a lot of effort and exposure to danger for Nehemiah and all who helped him. I often fall into the trap of expecting the work I do for God to be easy and complaining when it's not. It really is good for us to work hard even though it's not always pleasant. Whether the work we are doing is specifically for God or only indirectly for Him, we can generally expect it to still be difficult. Yet as we bring each task to God and ask for His help and His protection, He is ready to provide for us just as He helped and protected and provided for Nehemiah.

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