Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jesse Tree: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 6:16-23
Event/Theme: Daniel in the lion's den
Symbol we use: Because the image of a lion and a lamb laying together symbolizing peace is not uncommon at Christmastime, there are many ornaments that could be used for today's theme.
Meditation: Daniel did the right thing even though it could have cost him his life. The other princes had to invent a wrongdoing in order to convict him before the king. If the king had considered what was right rather than considering his pride, the princes' plot to kill Daniel would have failed. Yet as Daniel showed courage in doing what is right despite the danger, God protected him. Would we have courage to do the same? God can give us the courage we need when we need it, but we will find it easier if we practice doing the right thing day in and day out regardless of whether we are threatened for it. Daniel's courage in this case wasn't in doing something new but in praying three times every day as he always did (Dan 6:10). If we are already doing the right thing when there is no danger, such as praying every day, we will find it easier to continue even when our lives are threatened.

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