Monday, December 10, 2012

Jesse Tree: Moses

Scripture: Exodus 3:1-8
Event/Theme: Moses meets God
Symbol we use: My red ball ornaments go up today. If you have red garlands or red bows, those would be good decorations to put up today. The connection between the Scripture and the ornament doesn't need to be strong, the relationship just needs to be close enough that we see one person's interaction with God building upon another through the Old Testament just as the tree goes from bare green to fully decorated over the course of Advent.
Meditation: Fire destroys very easily. We talk again and again about what to do if we ever face a fire out of control: get out of the house, don't return, walk across the street or down the block, fall to the ground and roll around if the fire catches our clothes. We don't talk about what to do if a bush is on fire but not being destroyed, because it simply doesn't happen. Moses had never experienced anything like it before, let alone the bush actually talking to him. God, who can do anything, used the impossible to catch Moses' attention and to show him that He really truly can do anything. His first message to Moses was that He was aware of the Israelites' trouble and heard their prayers. God is with us, too, in all that we experience. Even though it doesn't always feel like He hears our prayers, He knows all the things that bring us happiness and all that make us sad. Hopefully He will never need to use something as amazing and impossible as a bush on fire to convince us that He hears each one of our prayers and knows exactly what we are going through in life.

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