Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jesse Tree: Joseph

Scripture: Genesis 45:1-8
Event/Theme: Joseph
Symbol we use: A piece of brightly colored cloth cut into a basic shirt/coat shape (like the sketch below). Joseph's story is told over several chapters, so you may need to summarize or adjust what you read to children if they aren't familiar with the story yet.
Meditation: Life doesn't always go the way we expect it to. Life isn't always pleasant. Joseph faced a lot of difficulties yet he learned a great deal about God in the process. When he was finally in a position to punish his brothers for the horrible way they had treated him, he chose to forgive them instead. He was able to recognize the ways God had brought good things out of bad circumstances (Rom 8:28). I'm sure it took years for Joseph to forgive his brothers, accept his life for what it had become, and recognize God's plan in the midst of his trials. When we face difficulties we can be encouraged by Joseph's life and trust that God will bring good things for us out of even the most challenging circumstances.

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